ZT’s fourth anniversary, Living up to expectations

From 2018.07 to 2022.08, it has been four years of turbulence and ups and downs in the crypto industry, and four years of upward mobility for ZT. With four years of hard work and efforts, ZT has become a world-renowned innovative and popular digital asset premiere place, leaving its footprints in the history of crypto finance development.

During the four years of crypto, ZT has followed the pace and rhythm of Crypto’s development, upholding the mission of “making digital asset trading more convenient”, believing in the service concept of “serving users in a 360° manner”, and moving towards the goal of “creating more value for users”. Create more value for users” goal.

In the past four years, ZT has achieved a lot of success! ZT has more than 3.2 million registered UIDs and a maximum daily trading activity of more than 50,000 users in 160 countries or regions around the world, and has also completed its first round of financing led by SoftBank Group (UK).

Hot Asset Heights, Benefiting You and Me

Since 2018, the homogenization of crypto platforms has become increasingly serious, and in order to break the serious development situation in the same industry, ZT seeks common ground while preserving differences, innovates and develops with the platform SLOGAN of “buy new coins, go to ZT”, actively follows the trajectory and trend of Crypto development, and actively explores the track and field where value assets and popular assets gather. ZT is actively following the track and trend of Crypto development, actively exploring the track and field where value assets and popular assets gather, and giving crypto dividends to platform users with popular assets.

In four years, ZT almost launched all of the market’s popular assets in the first time.As the community users commented, “ZT has launched popular assets, truly fast, accurate and stable”, which once became the focus of everyone’s hot discussion.

As one of the few crypto exchanges in the world that focus on spot trading, ZT understands the importance of user retention and makes spot derivative financial power through derivative businesses such as Mining Treasure, ReClosing Treasure, pledged borrowed coins, and liquidity-based mining to realize user asset appreciation and maintain high liquidity of user assets.

It is not enough to have popular assets as the traffic entrance, but to have a solid brand momentum to stand firm in the industry, injecting capital power is the best path. Gamefi, Boca Ecology and other areas of strategic layout.

Technology for Good, Security for Good

As the core forces in the crypto asset trading market, exchanges and users can be said to care and attach equal importance to security. Exchange security can attract more users to trade, and users trust exchanges because of asset security, thus forming a benign interaction, and it can be said that security is the foundation of trading.

ZT uses self-developed aggregated transaction engine system and risk control system, which reaches million TPS level and can handle up to 5 million transactions per second concurrently. The use of ultra-bank security level encryption, dynamic identity verification, combined vulnerability scanning, multiple signature assurance, cold wallet hard drive encryption, database firewall, storage data encryption isolation and other security measures to fully protect asset security.

In order to take user asset security to the next level, ZT has also set up a dedicated risk control team to escort user asset security through a combination of financial product experts and security experts.

Invest resources and spend heavily, I believe you will never see ZT in the crypto circle coin theft event.

ZSC smart chain helps ZT, and the trading ecology is thriving

To stand out among many competitors, it is necessary to be faster than similar products in terms of innovation and iteration speed, and to be highly open and transparent, making it difficult for other exchanges to match. Only based on strong business strength can exchanges have the confidence in public chain development and ecological construction.

ZT Smart Chain ZSC is based on the platform integral ZTB and is the third high-performance trading public chain following the Binance Smart Chain BSC and Huobi Smart Chain HECO. The combination of DEX and CEX truly completes the business ecology of ZT, while greatly expanding the application scenarios of ZTB.

On the one hand, ZSC relies on its own resources to channel traffic for the chain’s developer teams, bringing them a large number of users as well as capital volume. On the other hand, through the ZPoS consensus mechanism, it has successfully achieved the advantages of “higher transaction performance”, “lower fees” and “smooth cross-chain flow of mainstream assets”. The ZPoS consensus mechanism has successfully achieved the advantages of “high transaction performance”, “lower fees” and “cross-chain fluency”, and has brought together many valuable assets, providing good development opportunities for DEX, prophecy machine, derivatives, smart contract insurance, mortgage lending and cross-chain asset trading.

ZT trading ecology gathered ZT trading platform, ZT Capital, ZT Business School, ZT-Labs, ZT Media, ZT CLUB in one, six industrial ecology empower each other, landing its application value on ZT platform Token ZTB, ZTB price touched up to 3USDT mark, the highest increase of 2805.29% since 2021. It has become one of the potential platform Tokens that is second only to BNB in terms of growth.

Looking ahead, the globalization journey is a long way to go

Today, with the rapid development of digital assets, compliance is the road to maturity and the trend of the market, and ZT will maintain its vitality in terms of market width and quality in terms of market depth through its resource advantages in some countries and regions around the world and its pioneering idea of “seize the market, dig deeper and serve the market”.

ZT has already obtained MSB financial services license in the United States and MSB financial services license in Canada in September 2020 and 2021, and is currently applying for digital currency trading industry related licenses in Switzerland, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and other countries.

Nowadays, under the grip of the COVID-19 epidemic, the global economy is still showing a downward trend, ZT will surely seize the opportunity of the crypto finance bend to accelerate the expansion of the international market. Up to now, ZT has supported more than 30 languages such as English, French, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, and formed more than 40 communities in North America, Oceania, Spain, Turkey, Arab and other countries/regions. In the future, ZT plans to cooperate with more third party payment companies to facilitate the purchase of crypto assets by users in various countries around the world.

Written at the end

In four years, ZT has accompanied the platform users to fight at the forefront of the crypto market, growing from a crypto platform trendsetter to a world-renowned first place for popular assets. The most important thing to thank is the users who trust the platform, your company makes ZT know more about perseverance and responsibility, and your trust makes ZT always remember the platform’s mission and original intention.

The last four years, we are singing!

We believe that the wave of crypto finance will get more and more frustrated under the stimulation of the current macroeconomic background. In the next four years, ZT will strengthen global development, deepen the depth of the underlying trading business, and at the same time enhance the scale management capability of digital assets, embrace regulation, innovate and develop, and continue to sail in the wave after wave of crypto giant waves.


ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users’ experience, and it’s invested by SoftBank , CabinVC, Candaq and Dealean.

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ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users’ experience, and it’s invested by SoftBank , CabinVC, Candaq and Dealean.