ZT’s Fi world at a glance: Look at the forward-looking layout of DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and SocialFi

Since the explosion of DeFi in the summer of last year, DeFi has developed vigorously for more than a year, with both quantitative and qualitative leaps in capital scale, user scale, and product scale. The most representative TVL (total lock-up volume of agreements) has shown a spurt of growth since last year. As of the end of August, the TVL of DeFi has exceeded US$8 billion. From a visual point of view, the value of assets locked in the DeFi agreement (TVL) also experienced a cliff-like decline in the second quarter. During May, the value of assets locked in the DeFi agreement fell from US$113.57 billion to US$62.6 billion. Up to 44.9% low.

In the same period, the NFT market was surging, and it has frequently become the “king of topics” in the encryption market. Token insight analyzed in a NFT industry analysis report released in early August, “The NFT and Metaverse markets rose rapidly in the second quarter, especially in July 2021. They showed strong momentum. As of July 2021, the total NFT market Sales reached 1 billion U.S. dollars. Sales for a single month in July 2021 increased by 428% compared to the entire fourth quarter of 2020.”

The popularity of the NFT sector and the industry’s demand for low volatility and low gas handling fees have further catalyzed the popularity of chain games, and GameFi has exploded through the development of NFT. GameFi combines the two tracks of DeFi and NFT to derive the concept of GameFi. This craze has led to more GameFi projects running into the arena. Mytoken data shows that there are already 132 projects in the GameFi concept sector, with a total market value of over 100 billion yuan.

Hot spots are frequent, and ZT is also riding the east wind and quickly becoming popular in the market. Among them, ZT Investment Research Institute has played an important role.

At the beginning of its establishment, ZT Investment Research Institute was committed to focusing on research, investment, incubation and ecological construction related to hot topics such as DeFi, and will focus on the research of underlying financial theories and technologies, investment and incubation of hot projects, and ultimately serve ZT users and the entire ecosystem.

With the efforts of ZT Investment Research Institute, ZT Investment Research announced the global DeFi overview and project introduction list in February 2020. Once exhibited, it was instantly disseminated by users and gained great recognition. At this time, there is still half a year before DeFi explodes. In other words, as long as users pay attention to ZT during this period, they can skyrocket when DeFi is hot.

With the keen speed to catch the hot spots for the first time, when the NFT and GameFi came, the various research work of the ZT Investment Research Institute was carried out in an orderly and steadily manner, and all of these are provided by ZT Media, ZT Club and ZT platform with strong basic support.

If the research work of ZT Investment Research Institute is the foundation, then ZT Media and ZT Club have made important contributions to the popularization of users. ZT knows that hotspots can only burst out and give full play to real energy only under the catalysis of users. Therefore, during the DeFi boom, ZT Media was the first to try to hold a number of special events AMA after the stars. The ZT Club storm live room also invited professionals in the DeFi field to live broadcasts, attracting tens of thousands of users to actively participate. Afterwards, ZT Media and ZT Club held the “Star” Houlang VI “The Wave of Encrypted World NFT” summit. ZT Media and ZT Club have built a bridge for ordinary users to participate in DeFi and NFT with their meager power, so that more people can benefit from this wave.

As the most important part of the market, ZT trading platform tries to start from users and provide users with the most convenient services. The ZT platform App shows that the ZT sector has newly added two major sectors, Meta Universe GameFi and Solana, and the ZT sector has been fully upgraded, including the DeFi sector, NFT sector, Dogecoin concept currency, Meta Universe GameFi, Polkadot Eco, High-quality public chain, platform currency, Binance sector and many other sectors.

These sections accurately and meticulously cover hot-related introductions and popular currencies, and provide users with comprehensive investment services, which greatly facilitates ZT users and further enhances user experience. At the same time, ZT also held a variety of activities for each hot spot, which minimized the barriers to participation and allowed every user to participate in these waves.

For ZT Capital, although supporting this action seems simple and rude, it has always been implemented.

On September 2, 2020, the person in charge of ZT Capital stated that they would spend 20 million US dollars to establish a special foundation, focusing on projects in popular areas such as Defi, Polkadot, DAO, NFT, and storage. Up to now, ZT Capital has allocated 5 million USD to help the development of Polkadot’s ecology.

On August 27, 2021, ZT Capital announced that it will help accelerate the growth of outstanding projects in the fields of Meta Universe and GameFi through a series of measures such as appropriating 2 million USD in special investment funds, focusing on investing in various GameFi and Meta Universe infrastructures to support and incubate High-quality GameFi projects, while supplementing the existing GameFi projects with sufficient liquidity.

As we all know, the ZT smart chain ZSC has made particularly important developments this year. ZSC embodies the efforts of ZT people and represents the never-ending spirit of exploration.

Our exploration never stops. The ups and downs of the GameFi market have also promoted ZSC’s layout for GameFi. On August 28, the official Twitter of ZT Smart Chain ZSC said: ZSC will launch the first GameFi project in the near future.

Judging from the market reaction, Fi+ has become more popular, and the latest SocialFi track is also eager to experiment, and the small flames of SocialFi are starting to show. Once the time is right, the scale of SocialFi may far exceed the current market value of GameFi imagined.

According to official disclosures, ZT Research Institute is already working on the SocialFi track. Whether it is a community data evaluation and reward tool, a community currency event management platform, or a rewarding robot management tool, these tracks have officially entered ZT’s vision. How will ZT be deployed in the future? Let’s take a look at the booming competition on multiple scenarios.