ZT’s 3rd anniversary-Invite friends to register to get fee rebates

Dear ZT users:

On the occasion of the third ZT anniversary celebration, thanks to all users for their support and trust to ZT. After integrated feedback and comments from the community and users, the platform will launch a rebate activity during the three-year celebration. During the three-year event, if user invite new users registered and certified their identification, the user will gain rebate permanently from all the transaction completed.

Activity from July 1st 2021- August 15th 2021

Rules of invitation:


1.The invitation relationship of the upgraded rebate promotion is pushed forward 360 days from January 1, 2020 to January 6, 2019.After 0:00 am,friends invited are valid friends.The rebate time is also changed from the original monthly payment to the next day.

2. As long as the invited friend completes registration and authentication, the invitation is considered successful. Rebate will need to invite friends to generate transaction fee after successful invitation (if the friend registered without real name, transaction fee will not be included in rebate);

3. The validity period of friend invitation for returning Commission is 360 days. If the current days are calculated forward, you can enjoy the returning Commission of friend transaction within 360 days. It will be displayed as “valid”. If it is beyond 360 days, you will no longer enjoy the returning Commission. The invitation relationship still exists, and it will be displayed as “expired”;

4. On the same day, the level of returned Commission will be updated according to the number of valid friends invited within the previous 360 days. On the same day, the amount of returned Commission of the corresponding level will be calculated based on the proportion of returned Commission of the previous day before distribution, and then distributed uniformly ;

5. If a user becomes a “ZT Starshine” and subsequently fails to maintain the number of friends invited by “ZT Starshine” but meets the number of friends of “ZT Diamonds”, the user will be downgraded to “ZT Diamonds” the next day and return The commission amount will also be distributed in accordance with the “ZT Diamonds” ratio; similarly, if the number of “ZT Diamonds” invitations is met in a follow-up of “ZT Platinum” by a user, it can be upgraded to “ZT Diamond”; upgrade or downgrade According to this rule.

Risk warning

Digital assets are innovative products with large price fluctuations. Users are requested to rationally judge their risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.

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