ZT Weekly (14th of September — 20th of September)



1、 ZT (China) CEO Xiaocheng Li participated in DeepCchain School №.133

On September 14(UTC+8), Xiaocheng Li participated in the live broadcast of the online salon held by ShenChain Finance, focusing on the theme of “What’s the path for ZT Trading Platform’s layout in the face of DeFi’s fierce battle?”.

2、ZT Savings launched Defi Liquid Mining products

At 10:00 on September 15th(UTC+8), the ZT Savings Defi liquid mining product was officially launched . Up to now, 3489 people have participated .

3、ZT (China) CEO Xiaocheng Li participated in Polkadot Eco Cloud Summit

On September 16(UTC+8), Xiaocheng Li participated in “ How to take over DeFi·How to Polkadot ?” Polkadot Ecological Cloud Summit , expounding the investment layout of ZT trading platform in Polkadot Ecosystem. ZT trading platform has established a special fund of 20 million dollars, focusing on projects in popular areas such as Defi and Polkadot, in order to build a more complete investment layout and promote the healthy development of the blockchain ecology.

4、ZT Savings launched the second phase of Defi liquidity mining activity

On September 16(UTC+8), ZT Savings launched the second phase of DEFI liquidity mining activity. Up to now, 378 people have participated in BTC mining , 1,141 people have participated in ETH mining , and 809 people have participated in ONT mining .

5、ZT Savings launched TRON Defi liquidity mining activity

At 17:00 on September 18th(UTC+8), ZT Savings launched the TRON DEFI liquidity mining activity. So far, 499 people have participated in TRX mining and 372 people have participated in JST mining.

6、DFK Double Reward Campaign for sharing tens of thousands of candies

To congratulate DFK for landing on ZT, the platform will hold a double moat to share tens of thousands of candies. At 18:00 on September 18(UTC+8), the “Net buy-in contest to share 10,000 DFK” activity started, and the “Airdrop holding positions to share 8888 DFK” activity will be launched at 0:00 on September 23(UTC+8).



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