1. 【Register Event】Win DOT Airdrop Worth 40,000 USDT with Friends.In Progress.

In support of the DOT parallel chain slot auction, ZT will launch the register airdrop from 13:00 November 06, 2021 to 16:00 November 12, 2021 (UTC). New users who register and pass KYC certification will receive DOT airdrop bonus equivalent to 3 USDT. Invite friends can also receive an airdrop award. Limited value of 40,000 USDT tokens, first come, first served.

2.【Dove Project】Join in DOT Slot Auction Warm-Up to Get 14% APY Profit and Continuous High Profit During Locking Period.In Progress.

ZT will launch a DOT Slot Auction Warm-Up promotion from 2021–11–06 at 13:00 (UTC). Users participate in the Warm-Up will receive generous rewards.The DOT staked during the Warm-Up Period are not redeemable and will be locked for the Auction Period directly. If your selected project is successful, your DOT will be locked for 96 weeks. In return, you will receive staking rewards from your chosen project. If your selected project fails to bid on the slot, your staked DOT will be returned to your spot wallet on 2021–12–18 (UTC).

3.【Bright Friday】Every Week You Get a Chance to Win Various of Tokens and ZT Derivatives.In Progress.

  • Trading volume during trading time (not included on Friday) over 188 USDT can draw a mystery box during Bright Friday opening time, each user will be limited to 3 times at most;
  • Users luckily win the Garage Kits can choose to collect 5 to redeem them together. In this way ZT will issue a complete set of ZT Garage Kits with a complimentary display box;
  • Please contact the activity customer servise, Bessie (@ZTBTG_CS008) in the Official Telegram Group, to collect the prize if you draw a prize in kind (including but not limited to the Garage Kits);
  • ZT has the right to take back the prize and ban the account permanently if there is any malicious cheating behavior;
  • ZT reserves the final interpretation right of this event.

4.【Staking Event】Staking for ADA, ALGO, MATIC, AXS and HBAR are launched.In Progress.

The staking for AR, RUNE, KEEP, C98, OXY, ICP, EDEN, OOE, FIL, FTT, SRM, CELO, ADA, ALGO, MATIC, AXS, HBAR will be launched at 16:00 2nd November 2021(UTC).ADA, ALGO, MATIC, AXS, HBAR Flexible Staking.AR, RUNE, KEEP, C98, OXY, ICP, EDEN, OOE, FIL, FTT, SRM, CELO, ADA, ALGO, MATIC, AXS, HBAR Fixed Staking



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