ZT news (Aug.23 — Aug.29)



  1. ZT will start the ZTB repurchase and destruction plan in the first and second quarters
    Based on the opinions of communities, nodes, users, etc., ZT launched the ZTB repurchase and destruction plan in August. Part of the first and second quarters will be used to buy back ZTB and transferred to the black hole address for destruction. The destruction record will be announced as soon as possible. To ensure openness and transparency.
  2. ZT Capital allocates US$2 million to help GameFi develop rapidly
    ZT Capital announced that it will help accelerate the growth of outstanding projects in fields such as Metaverse and GameFi through a series of measures such as appropriating US$2 million in special investment funds. The investment fund this time will be provided by the ZT Capital Special Foundation, and will be used to develop the GameFi ecosystem, focusing on investing in various GameFi and Metaverse infrastructures, and supporting and incubating high-quality GameFi projects.

3. The 19th “Free zone” (NCHAIN) voting activity
ZT held the eighteenth “Free zone” voting activity for NCHAIN. You can participate in voting through ZTB. If the number of votes meets the requirements, the new project can be successfully launched on ZT. Users who help successfully list on, can share 3,000 NCHAIN coins.

4. 【Transaction Lottery】SOL Ecological Chain transaction lottery will be opened

ZT will hold a lucky draw for SOL Ecological Chain trading from 04:00 August 23rd , 2021 to 03:59 August 30th , 2021 (UTC). The rewards from 188 ZTB to 1 ZTB. Every transaction in SOL ecological chain over 188U will get a lucky draw opportunity, the winning rate is 100%, the number of times is unlimited

5. 【Registration Event】Win additional 60,000 DOGE airdrops together with your friends by taking part in the registration event

Participate in KYC and you get airdrops.

During the event, new users who register on ZT trading platform with their real names can get 3 DOGE. The reward will be automatically issued after KYC to the users, with a limited amount of 45,000 pieces. First come, First served.

Join the affiliate program

During the event, invite new users to register and verify by means of ZT exclusive invitation link/poster, etc., and you can get a DOGE airdrop. A limited amount of 15,000 pieces. First come, First served.

6. 【Deposit Event】【Transaction Lottery】Deposit RACA event and RACA/DOGECOLA/STARL/SHAB transaction lottery will start

RACA/DOGECOLA/STARL/SHAB trading lucky draw at 20:00 on August 25. During the event period (20:00 on August 25 to 23:59 on August 30), the first 1,000 users who top up RACA will share 2,000,000 RACA according to the recharge ratio; during the event period (20:00 on August 25 to September 1 19:59), trading RACA/ DOGECOLA/ STARL/ SHAB will get a chance to draw every 88U, the winning rate is 100%, and the maximum number of RACAs can be 10,000, and there is no limit to the number of draws.



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