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ZT listed time 20–08–2021

Project introduction: X World Games is a trading card game. Enjoy different games in one open world via cross-game world experience. Players truly own their characters and sets, and experience their assets in different games of the X World. Faraland is also a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME that lets the user engage in the combat arena and profit from battles.

Highlights: X World Games combines NFT with Metaverse to create a new technological path, and is compatible with the decentralized game ecosystem of Binance Smart Chain (BSC); integrates the latest card games with the platform, giving players and investment Those who bring more rights and interests on the chain, the entry point of project value can be said to be accurate. According to the roadmap plan, it is foreseeable that innovative trading features and platform functions are bound to open the door to future development.


ZT listed time 23–08–2021

Project introduction: Sonar brings together all the relevant information and important tools you need. We believe you can make smart investment decisions without wasting precious time looking at code or social media channels. Therefore, we have designed a new cryptocurrency investment workflow program to keep you in control of the investment path.

Highlights: Sonar is a very ecosystem platform, it generates a unique ecosystem, which contains all the necessary tools, not only to keep up with the latest developments in cryptocurrency, but also to uniquely track the user’s asset portfolio. Therefore, all content can be tracked at the same time, allowing users to easily access and provide shorter delays to understand the latest news of each encrypted asset concerned. There is no doubt that this may be a great revolution for the entire blockchain industry, especially for investors who often use cryptocurrency platforms.


ZT listed time 27–08–2021

Project introduction: Moonriver is a smart contract blockchain on Kusama dedicated to providing compatibility with existing Ethereum developer toolchains and networks. It is intended to bea companion network to Moonbeam, where it will provide a permanently energized Canary network. The new code will first be sent to Moonriver, where it can be tested and verified in real-world economic conditions. Once proven, the same code will be sent to Moonriver on Polkadot.

Highlights: Moonriver parachain is the first parachain deployed on the Kusama network and has all EVM functions, and it is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem itself. From an ecological point of view, Moonbeam will play a more fundamental role than many other projects. From the perspective of the future, Moonbeam wants to achieve a higher and farther goal.


ZT listed time 01–09–2021

Project introduction: VEmpire is a fully democratic DAO and anti-centralization autonomous organization project. VEMP is the native token of vEmpire, which is used to reward the winners of trading card battles, liquidity providers, pledgers and DDAOs.

Highlights: vEmpire DDAO is the first agreement to allow the mortgage of meta universe assets. It is a project that integrates core application scenarios such as DeFi, mining pool pledge, NFT, and DAO. Its core is to change the head GameFi project by the giant through DAO. The current situation of monopoly realizes decentralized governance and community incentives, and from it, realizes the economic cycle in the metaverse.


ZT listed time 28–05–2021

Project introduction:$WILD is the native token of WilderWorld and the governance token of WilderDAO (decentralized autonomous organization). $WILD is used to vote for Wilder stakeholders and to incentivize the expansion of WilderMetaverse; from new agreements and services to the development of completely virtual characters, places and things.

Highlights: Wilder World is considered a high-quality potential meta-universe project from the perspective of the founder’s resume and art resources or from the perspective of investment institutions. The project itself has bright spots, focusing on the 3D NFT and VR art fields, and has a large Imagine space and hype value.



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