ZT Early news 27th Aug.

ZT News

1. ZT Mining Launches DED, KY, TEA, ZTB Flexible Mining,Up to 1000% annualized income.

2. ZT holds deposit RACA events and DOGECOLA/ RACA/ STARL/ SHAB trade sweepstakes.

3. The Nineteenth “Freezone” (NCHAIN) voting for listing Event.

4. 【Registration Event】Win additional 60,000 DOGE airdrops together with your friends by taking part in the registration event.

5. 【Trading Sweepstakes】ZT has opened the SOL ecosystem trading sweepstakes.

6. ZT Innovation Board online : BENQI, XED, PWAR, BANANA, NFTB, TOKAU, BABI.

Blockchain News

1. Blockchain Role Playing Game MIR4 Launches in 170 Countries Alongside Utility Coin.

2. Record $900 million month for NFT sales as CryptoPunks go stratospheric.

3. Major hotel in Swiss Alps now allows crypto payments.

4. US County Treasurer Accepts Cryptocurrencies for Campaign Donations.

5. Milestone $188 Billion In Bitcoin Value Moves Across Network.

6. ETH 2.0 and EIP-1559 Hasten Vanishing Available Ethereum Supply.

7. Central American bank: Bitcoin’s (BTC) success in El Salvador could mean legalization in other countries.



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