ZT Club Dialogue with Fstswap BD Paul: Exploring the substantial value of Fstswap

In 2022, the total TVL locked in DeFi has reached 100 billion US dollars, of which DEX accounts for 46%, an increase of nearly 100 times compared with 2019! It can be seen that DEX has become one of the important infrastructures in the DeFi ecosystem, and the automatic market maker (AMM) model pioneered by Uniswap has driven the explosive growth of DEX trading volume.

Among them, Fstswap has performed particularly well this year. Now Fstswap has been regarded by users as one of the most influential DeFi innovations, which can effectively solve the shortcomings of DEX’s low ease of use and high transaction fees. It allows investors to seamlessly trade between cryptocurrencies in a fully decentralized and non-custodial manner through pre-raised on-chain liquidity pools.

At 16:00 on April 29th, Singapore time, Fstswap BD (Business Development) Paul visited ZT Club and talked to Rita, the business manager of ZT Club. He shared Fstswap with users and discussed the value logic of FIST in depth.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Paul introduced the basic information of Fstswap to everyone. FstSwap is a decentralized exchange protocol based on BSC Binance Smart Chain. FIST is the governance token of FstSwap, with a total of 200 million in full circulation. Fstswap has passed the certik audit and has a community base of nearly 300,000 people. Before the launch of the public chain Fonvity Chain (FON COIN) at the end of 2022, Fstswap will focus on creating different Defi ecosystems, with win-win and common prosperity with different high-quality development teams through Fstswap.

“Our goal is to let more people understand and participate in Defi, so that ordinary people can grasp this wave of wealth.” Paul said.

At the beginning of the project, FstSwap formulated a three-year plan. In 2021, build a community, through popularizing defi knowledge, consensus on FIST and OSK tokens; in 2022, build Fstswap, diversify Fstswap by cooperating with different ecosystems, and divert international traffic to increase Fstswap’s popularity and transaction volume; In 2023, the public chain will be launched. After the established community and ecology are completed, it will open its own public chain, Fonivity Chain, and assist the traditional exhibition industry to introduce blockchain applications.

For today’s Fstswap, completing each step of the roadmap on schedule has given Fstswap a strong vitality.

Significantly different from other DEX projects, Fstswap has a DAO governance system (competitive node mechanism), and nodes can enjoy all the dividends brought by Fstswap, thus promoting the development of Fstswap infinitely!

Moreover, in order to better promote the development of nodes, currently only the first 27 nodes can enjoy huge economic dividends. Through the limited number of nodes, the nodes will be more competitive, and they will continue to serve and educate the community, so as to gain the trust of the community and their votes. Eventually, I can grow and develop with Fstswap and become a member of the Fstswap family.

Therefore, Fstswap is also equipped with a node assessment mechanism. First, to become a node, you need to pledge 21000fist, which can be redeemed after canceling the node; secondly, you need to vote, you must provide a FIST/USDT liquidity pool, 1LP: 100 votes. Therefore, only nodes that continue to drain and preach and provide FIST/USDT liquidity pools can maintain the top 27.

As the governance token of FstSwap, FIST also plays an important role in the ecology. FIST is the main currency that is currently benchmarked by various ecological liquidity pools and can be used to mine FON COIN. In the future, there will be more applications of FIST and OSK, such as IFO (Initial Farm Offering), lending, NFT ecology, and chain game ecology.

Paul is full of confidence in FIST, “The total amount of FIST is limited. When more investors provide liquidity pools, and more applications revolve around FIST, plus the node community drainage and preaching. With the blessing of various factors, the value of FIST will increase to go higher.”

The value of FIST is obvious to all. In order to facilitate more users, ZT trading platform has successfully launched FIST, and users are welcome to trade~

In this booming market, the introduction of the DAO governance system provides more innovative ideas and further exploration for the development of Fstswap.

In the future, Fstswap may become one of the most popular DEXs in the entire industry!

【Introduction to ZT Club】

ZT club are all media integrated service platforms and clubs independently operated by ZT Global.

ZT Club mainly integrates blockchain-related content such as project incubation, community integration, activity expansion, and industry education. Committed to promoting the vigorous development of the blockchain industry and building an industry ecosystem. Since its launch, it has invited a number of well-known industry leaders, rookie blockchain projects, capital institutions, popular communities and other guests, and successfully carried out multiple live broadcasts.

In the future, we will continue to bring new traffic, new resources, and new ways to use the blockchain from time to time in the form of voice, video, and audio.

ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users’ experience, and it’s invested by SoftBank , CabinVC, Candaq and Dealean.

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ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users’ experience, and it’s invested by SoftBank , CabinVC, Candaq and Dealean.