BTC is approaching 60000 at present, there will be some differences here, but in the short term, breaking 60000 is also a high probability event, here we need to pay attention to October 27-October 28 there may be a needle hit, if there is mainstream currency or concept currency do not need to be too panic, if there is really extreme panic hit is a low opportunity. The current quilt of coins do not need to be too panic


ETH has a small acceleration in the process of pulling up, and the shape has been out of the W bottom after the American shoulder shape, the future market can be expected, it needs to be noted that all the acceleration needs to be established in BTC breakthrough 60000. If the market can walk out of the slow cow, then in 10.28 after 11:00 breakthrough is the most healthy trend, no admission can wait for the breakthrough after admission. Activists can track recent strong currencies, such as the much-mentioned Dex derivative (DYDX) and the Gamefi concept (GALA).

Risk Warning:

The above analysis, for reference only, the currency market has risks, investment needs to be cautious

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