Oct 14, 2021

2 min read

Market analysis on October 14th, 2021


After BTC fell back to the 4-hour level of cabinet support, the volume rose again. This increase did not cause any gold absorption. Both mainstream coins and conceptual coins have increased to a certain extent. The end point is focused on the 60,000 mark. If it breaks through 60,000, the concept currency may be Ushering in a wave of supplementary gains, the mainstream currency mainly depends on the attitude of BNB. If it does not break the upward trend, it means that the mainstream currency has a chance.


After ETH fell back to 3481, it bottomed out and rebounded. Yesterday, it was said that 3511 was the barrier. As long as it stays above 3511, it means that the opportunity is relatively large, but at present, BNB reaches a new high, but ETH does not make a new high near the previous high. This shows that ETH is weaker than BNB, and it is difficult to change the current attitude before BTC breaks through 60,000.


Looking back at the algo analyzed yesterday, what was said yesterday was that the short-term adjustment is basically in place. Whether it can be strong requires attention to whether the 1.8 mark can be stabilized. At present, there have been many attempts to break through, but there is still no heavy volume breakthrough. If you are prudent, you can consider the stepping back after the breakthrough. You can refer to the trend of ETH after the breakthrough.

Risk warning:

The above analysis is for reference only. There are risks in the currency market and investment needs to be cautious.