Market Analysis on December4, 2021

3 min readDec 4, 2021


We can take a look at the entire Bitcoin data. There was no hot spot in the market a few days ago. The Bitcoin fluctuated higher. The non-agricultural data last night was seriously lower than expected. Logically speaking, BTC should have risen, but it hit the market. This is a bit contrary to logic. , Including today’s BTC hit 42k, and BTC funds flowed out of the exchange, which means that it may be a staged bottom point, and there may be a second drop. If there is a short-term currency rebound, you can consider take it and waiting for the second dip. Looking back on the entire market, defi appeared after the sharp drop of BTC in 2020, the metaverse market appeared after 5.19.2021, and gamefi was launched after 9.7.2021 Then after this decline, there will be a section that may see a big rise. It is currently possible. Follow web3.0

First look at the MASK. As the so-called leader of web3.0. Not only as a platform, the weekly level has reached support, but overall it is going up and down. It requires patience. If you are not afraid of losses, you can bear it, this kind of target is more suitable.

KEEP and NU will merge at the end of the month. They just explained one of their plans. The new token is $T, which is mainly used as a governance token. We can see from the chart of these two that they both have a small increase in the previous period, but have seen a large increase recently. Big pull up, and in this wave of downs, there is a takeover, it is obvious that Keep has a stronger takeover, and the main force inside has spent more cost to take over and make the form. The following is the expected plan of the preliminary team.

From November 12th to December 7th, finalize the reward mechanism, stop the inflation of $NU and $KEEP, and hold governance activities for multi-signature council elections.

The “Virtual Machine” will be launched on December 10th, and token holders can exchange their $NU and $KEEP for $T tokens.

The pledge contract will be launched on December 12.

The first batch of $T will be minted on December 17th.

Pledge rewards will be activated on or after December 28.

The first quarter of 2022: launch tBTC v2 on the Threshold network.

Risk warning:

The above analysis is for reference only. There are risks in the currency market and investment needs to be cautious.




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