Market Analysis on December 6, 2021


There is a high probability that there will be a bottoming opportunity. At present, although BTC has not fallen too much, most currencies except LUNA have fallen in the shock range. At present, BTC can only be a direction guide, don’t be too care about how much BTC can rise to. Currently, it is all in rotation. For details, we still need to see Powell’s speech on the 15th.

There are currently two good opportunities. The first is web3.0, because in the early days, web3.0 became a hot spot for only 2–3 days, and then it immediately went down, causing a lot of funds to look down on this section, but from the current trend Looking at web3.0 is the most defensive, such as KEEP, NU. These can be considered for short-term investment. In the long-term, we still need to consider the meta-universe direction. Games are only the basics. Cross-chain bridges and public chains are the most important directions. This is the long-term direction. It is difficult to burst in the short-term.

KEEP is currently maintained at a cabinet of 0.68–0.7. If web3.0 can become a hot spot, the combination of KEEP and NU will be the hottest.

At the end of the year, some exchanges will clear mainland Chinese users, so DEX wallets, including SFP and BRD, pay attention to their price trends, and you can buy in the dip, but SFP and BRD have few currency holders, there is no need to sell and swap positions. Keep some positions to prevent BTC from hitting the market again. There may be a market downturn, and funds will return to mainstream currencies.

Risk warning:

The above analysis is for reference only. There are risks in the currency market and investment needs to be cautious.



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