Grow and build a ZT trading platform with DEX experience

DEX volumes have been on the rise since the 2020 DeFi summer. According to relevant data, the trading volume of DEX will reach about 1.1 trillion US dollars in 2021. Entering 2022, the performance of DEX is also extraordinary. CoinGecko data shows that the trading volume of DEX in 24 hours has reached as high as 9.6 billion US dollars. Among them, Uniswap (3) currently has a 24-hour trading volume of about 3.1 billion US dollars, and its market share is as high as 32.5%.

It is no accident that we can clearly see that the transaction volume of centralized exchanges (DEX) will still maintain strong growth in 2021 and 2022.

Users who have experienced DEX know that the decentralized trading platform (DEX) has natural advantages, such as the security of assets, the convenience of long-tail assets and the fairness of trading accounts. With huge trading liquidity, DEX is also gradually threatening the monopoly position of CEX, and continues to take market share from centralized exchanges.

Despite this, in the face of the strong attack of DEX, CEX has not given up, and is constantly innovating and changing. It cannot be denied that the product experience of CEX is still much better than that of decentralized trading platforms to some extent. Faster transaction speed, lower handling fee, more asset choices, richer product functions… These are not only the most basic experiences of centralized trading platforms, but also the most obvious features compared to DEX.

Only a stronger opponent can achieve a better self.

For a long time, as a powerful member of CEX, facing the strong attack of DEX, ZT trading platform has never given up, and has been carrying out self-innovation and reform.

Brave self-innovation, ZT pioneered “self-service board”

As a booster of the blockchain industry, it promotes the healthy development of the blockchain industry, and has been paying attention to industry trends. In order to better help the healthy development of CEX, ZT has launched a “self-service board” section, dedicated to enabling more high-quality projects to Get a larger display platform and development opportunities.

The official website shows that the “self-service board” section is where the project party applies for going online through the ZT project. The project party fills in the project application form, provides the contract address, opens the deposit, and completes the automatic online requirements to get the free online opportunity.

According to relevant requirements, the project party fills in the ZT project application form, and at the same time provides the platform with a valid contract address and opens deposit. If the recharge of the project reaches more than 1000 valid users, and the deposit amount of valid users is not less than 50USDT equivalent TOKEN project, you can get free online.

Looking at the current thousands of CEXs, ZT is the first platform that proposes to open a self-service online section on the platform. This is also another measure that pioneered the integration of CEX and DEX, allowing CEX to also have the DEX experience, allowing users the advantages of CEX and DEX can be experienced in the shortest time.

Promote integration and create a full-ecological platform

From ZT’s 2021 plan, we can already see that it doesn’t just want to be a CEX.

Focusing on the track, widening the depth and width of the track, digging deep into valuable and potential projects, and strategic vision for long-term layout, this is the consistent characteristic and wildness of ZT. From the change of hot sectors to the birth of ZSC, from DeFi to NFT to GameFi, from leveraged tokens to DAO ecology, with the underlying support of ZTB, ZT has developed into a complete set of ecologically complete projects.

With the increasing enrichment of products and changing functions, ZT is expected to become a platform for the perfect integration of CEX and DEX, and creating a DEX-level product experience is just around the corner.



ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users’ experience, and it’s invested by SoftBank , CabinVC, Candaq and Dealean.

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ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users’ experience, and it’s invested by SoftBank , CabinVC, Candaq and Dealean.