Gamefi is coming , ZT is ready

6 min readAug 31, 2021


According to the analysis of well-known crypto analysts, the current market value of BTC accounts for 42.11% of the total market value of the cryptocurrency market. At the top of the previous round of bull market, the proportion of BTC market value was around 33%, but this round of bull market has institutional support Driven by the global water release policy, the benefits of ETH will continue until 2022. In addition, the application of blockchain is constantly improving, and the DEFI, NFT, and Gamefi tracks will help promote the situation. Comprehensive assessment, the final market value of BTC in this round of bull market should be less than 30%. This round of bull market is still in the mid-term, and there is still a wave from the true peak.

CoinDesk BTC bull-bear cycle and price comparison chart

With the gradual recovery of the current digital currency bull market, the ecology of the NFT and Metaverse Circuits is booming. As a bridge between project parties and investors, the competition of digital currency trading platforms is increasing day by day. At present, the loss of secondary transactions in the stock and the inability to break through the increment are the main bottlenecks hindering the development of digital currency trading platforms. How to increase the stickiness with the stock market and continuously expand the incremental market participation are the key elements to enhance the core competitiveness of the platform.

It is better to borrow a boat to cross the river than to build a ship

As a newly promoted second-tier trading platform, ZT has been making efforts in the conversion of stock markets and the mining of incremental markets. ZT knows that the encrypted asset industry is a constantly changing and updated industry. To achieve new and retention in the flow entrance, grasping the industry outlet is the key. As the saying goes, it is better to use a boat to cross the river other than building a ship. At the moment, “Gamefi” is undoubtedly a big ship that ZT will take to the next level this year.

The popularity of Axie has made Meta Universe greet everyone. According to the latest data from Dappradar, Axie’s users have reached 314.99K in the past 30 days, and the transaction volume has reached 995 million US dollars, which is enough to see the huge user group and power behind Consensus, at this moment, Axie hit a hit, and the Gamefi track derived from this game successfully made the lap.

Dappradar Axie Infinity latest statistics

According to ZT’s official announcement, ZT has launched AXS on December 10th last year. It has been nearly 9 months since then, which is enough to show a keen eye for the leading project of the trend track. According to the third-party authoritative data platform non-small AXS turnover ranking (data at 16:01 on the 27th), AXS’s 24-hour turnover on the ZT platform was 191 million US dollars, ranking 10th, closely following Huobi, far ahead of other second-tier trading platforms. AXS is the leader of the Gamefi sector, and ZT’s transaction volume can stand out second only to Huobi in the competition of tens of thousands of trading platforms, which is enough to prove that the ZT platform has a user carrier volume in the Gamefi sector.

“Eagle” vision layout, “Snow Leopard” speed up new

• “Eagle” vision layout of the meta-universe zone

According to ZT’s official announcement, as early as May last year, the relevant currencies of the Metaverse Zone were launched, and the speed of the launch was enough to show ZT’s strategic vision.

Buying new coins and going to ZT, the starting station for high-quality projects, are the slogans of the ZT trading platform. ZT has also done a lot of work in mining new coins. Leading platform users to realize value investment is ZT’s long-standing goal. In January 2020, ZT trading platform established the ZT Investment Research Institute, which focuses on research, investment, incubation, and ecological construction related to popular blockchain track projects, In-depth research on underlying financial theory and technology, investment and incubation in DEFI, NFT, DAO, Web3.0 and other fields. In the view of ZT Investment Research Institute, to achieve good results, investment research requires not only professionalism but also focus. The current blockchain investment targets are often centered on a three-dimensional ecology. If you want to explore the value of projects, you must realize the value exploration of depth and breadth in the system. For example, in the DEFI sector, we will not only do due diligence on the DEFI project, but also participate in mining, sort out the growth projects of the subdivision track, and use the strength of the project team and the fundamentals of the project. Economic model, community popularity, financing situation, ecological application and other dimensions comprehensively consider whether the project meets the requirements for launching on ZT, and after layers of review, it is finally decided whether to launch ZT.

• “Snow Leopard” speed on the new Gamefi value coin

In the year 2020, ZT Institute of Investment and Research has accumulated enough experience on the DEFI track. This summer, Gamefi struck strongly, allowing ZT Institute of Investment and Research to show its talents. According to the official announcement of ZT, since May last year, the ZT trading platform has successively launched Gamefi-related projects, including AXS, MANA, ENJ, SAND, WAXP, ALICE, SLP, YGG, TLM, etc. Many projects have been launched since then. The high-level market has a good performance, allowing many platform users to enjoy the optimistic return of the early ambush of high-quality projects, and even many projects such as WAXP, SXP, YGG, TRIBE, COTI, ALPACA, etc. The online speed is ahead of Binance, Huobi, COINBASE, etc. Head trading platform.

It is one step faster than the top trading platform to give priority to online high-quality projects, thanks to the bull market project selection logic of ZT Investment Research Institute. During the bull market phase, the currencies with gratifying gains tend to be the second-tier high-quality projects with low market value. The market value of mainstream projects is getting bigger and bigger after the baptism of the bull market. When there is trouble, the market value often retreats, so the second-tier high-quality projects often become in the next direction of market investment, some projects have hot spots and are also favorable drivers. In the bull market, they often have the opportunity to become a new round of stars.

Supported by ZT Capital, assisted by ZT Smart Chain

On August 27, ZT’s official Twitter announced that the ZT Capital Special Foundation will allocate US$2 million in a special investment fund to invest in various GameFi and Metaverse infrastructures, support and incubate high-quality GameFi projects, and supplement existing GameFi projects. Sufficient liquidity. As soon as this news came out, platform users and investment institutions in the circle attracted great attention. Everyone said that they were looking forward to ZT’s outstanding performance in the Metaverse Gamefi sector.

On the second day after ZT Capital allocated US$2 million to invest in GameFi and Metaverse, the official Twitter of ZSC Smart Chain announced that ZSC will launch its first GameFi project in the next few days. Two days and two actions are enough to see the pattern and confidence of ZT’s layout of the GameFi sector. If ZSC launched the first GameFi project to make the GameFi layout “icing on the cake”, then ZT Capital’s investment of US$2 million is definitely the “finishing touch.”

The road is long and long. I will search from top to bottom and take the road to develop GameFi. In the future, ZT will work with partners and platform users to draw the ZT three-dimensional ecological chain and continue to explore high-quality and valuable investments. The target is to be a digital asset service provider with good reputation among users and silky trading experience in the industry.




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