Oct 11, 2021

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The full name of ALGO coin is Algorand. The public chain project was co-sponsored by MIT professor and Turing Award winner Silvio Micali. Most of the ALGO coin team are from MIT, and there are also Turing Award winners. Some heavyweight experts are considered top teams in the entire blockchain field. Algorand’s core technology solves the triangle problem that is difficult to solve in the blockchain field, so that the public chain can achieve security, decentralization and scalability at the same time.


The block generation time is short, users do not need to synchronize the time, they only need to complete the work within the time specified by themselves and ensure that the speed of each user’s time is consistent.

Anti-forking, a new block contains wrong information and the broadcast time of the previous block is extended to infinite length. The generation time of each block is fixed and the five-step method will be introduced after it is passed. Was dropped.

Double-spend attack, double-spend attack is a sum of money spent twice, which can also be called a double-spend attack. The Aragon network is very resistant to double-spending attacks.

Quickly recover from the fork. If a fork occurs forcibly, the new fork will be killed by a five-step method, and then the entire network will reset the time wasted for the fork to zero and start again.

technical analysis

From the 1-hour level, Algo has stepped back on the annual line many times. If the price can stabilize above 1.8, then the short-term trend will be reversed. You can see the previous high near 2.5. It should be noted that the daily line level is coming. Seeing that the trend is weak, there is no obvious upward trend. The weekly level is to accelerate the adjustment after the rise. Then holding the currency requires a certain amount of patience. In the short term, it may be more about pulling and smashing.