Aleo futures, manage coins, grab investment, see how the emperor project Aleo domination

3 min readAug 11, 2022


As we move into 2022, while blockchain is immersed in the smoke of the bear market, many cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH have seen a dark moment, yet there is one project that has quietly seen its own high moment.

Why is it called a highlight moment?

In February 2022, Aleo raised $200 million in a Series B round led by Kora Management LP and SoftBank Vision Fund 2, which ultimately valued the company at $1.45 billion, making it the largest round ever raised in the privacy space. The $200 million mega-round brought together Tiger Global, Sea Capital, Samsung Next, Slow Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), among the industry’s top tier venture capital firms.

In fact ZT Labs has been focusing on the privacy track. Back in 2020, the privacy track saw a brief moment of takeoff along with the DeFi fever. However, as most of the products or platforms in the privacy track are still in a testing and development phase, they will be “quiet” again in 2021. So in 2022, it will be critical to see whether privacy track projects can “hit the ground running”.

Undoubtedly, as an imperial project in 2022, Aleo is remarkable in terms of investment lineup, financing amount, post-financing valuation, technology ecology and background of the founding team, and even ranked first in various projects.

How can ZT Labs miss such an excellent project?

Just today at 16:00, ZT has been strongly launch Aleo futures, and after the spot is online with Aleo futures trading pairs for delivery replacement, then will be converted into spot according to the ratio of 1:1.

Just at the moment Aleo futures went live, Aleo quickly pulled up. According to ZT’s official market data, Aleo futures opened up by 730.05%, touching a maximum of 25USDT, and now at 24.9014USDT.

In addition, ZT staking has also opened Aleo staking activities, using the “Flexible Staking” management method, and annualized returns of up to 20%-30%.

As a track project that ZT Labs focuses on, in order to meet the demand of users for early-stage uncirculated or targeted circulating quality projects, ZT Labs provides the Aleo Credits rush investment service.

According to the announcement, ZT Labs will be officially opened for investment from 14:00 on August 12 to 00:00 on August 13. There is no threshold for this rush to invest, participation will be made through USDT, and there is no lockout. Once the purchase is successful, it will be credited to the user’s ZT account.

Please pay attention to ZT’s official website for details of the event.

Will the Web 3.0 privacy track bring about a landmark change in 2022? Let’s wait for the main Aleo website.




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