Against the market, see how ZT survives in the bear market

5 min readAug 6, 2022


From May to June this year, cryptocurrencies witnessed what industry insiders call the “Lehman Brothers Collapse”. The “crisis” events included the collapse of the South Korean stablecoin Terra, the “LUNA death spiral”, the suspension of account withdrawals by the crypto lending company Celsius in preparation for bankruptcy, and the liquidation of the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital ……

Crypto market sentiment was equally bad, falling for dozens of weeks in a row due to a series of negative events until a rally came in July when the Federal Reserve rate hike landed. Exchanges were even worse, and as a place for crypto asset flows and price discovery, they too suffered an unprecedented blow.

People had to live with it because it all happened unexpectedly.

On a macro level, the current poor market conditions will not have a long-term impact on the outlook and growth of the crypto industry, so for the exchanges, the focus is actually very clear: to survive, and the prerequisite for survival is to solve the difficulties of user retention and the high cost of new user development.

In the current bear market, ZT’s performance has nevertheless attracted attention. business-wise, ZT focuses on spot trading and does not launch leverage and contract products, using ETF leverage tokens to fill the gap of derivatives. ETF leverage tokens have the advantages of low capital threshold, low operational expertise requirement, no margin and no risk of blowout involved, for new users in the market, ETF leverage tokens are the best way to experience For new market users, ETF leveraged tokens are one of the best ways to experience crypto assets and make it a more trusted trading underlying for users.

From the exchange’s perspective, in the current bear market, if you want to attract new users, you still have to dig deep into the market with money-making hotspots, and ETF leveraged tokens are undoubtedly a better choice.

From April 15, 2022, the platform announced that ETF leveraged tokens will be free of transaction fees forever, which is undoubtedly good news for users. Since the current round of bear market, ZT has laid out leveraged ETF tokens as the core segment in spot trading. Firstly, the online ETF leveraged tokens are increasing in strength, and secondly, the frequency of activities for ETF leveraged tokens is also increasing.

In addition to ETF leveraged tokens, ZT has opened a Self-Directed feature to attract new users.

In February 2022, ZT launched the self-Directed function, which realizes the decentralization of exchange coin uploading decision through self-service board uploading, weakening the advantage of coin selection on the side of centralized exchange, and also inherits the open spirit of blockchain very well, which is simply great.

For project parties, the self-Directed function allows projects with innovation and technology but no financial strength in the blockchain world to have a broad stage to blossom. In addition to the project side’s own traffic which will support its own coin uploading, the platform users of ZT platform will also add a strength to the project side.

As of the time of writing, nine projects have been successfully launched through the self-help board. The rule for free coin uploading is that the number of people recharging the project is greater than 1,000, and a conservative estimate is that nine projects have allowed at least 9,000 people to successfully follow ZT.

It is a proud fact that ZT is the first crypto exchange in the industry to launch the self-service coin uploading function, and this low-cost way of customer expansion also illustrates the excellent operation and maintenance ability of the platform itself. The self-service coin uploading function allows the exchange, users and project owners to empower each other and take what they need from the actual project situation, ultimately realizing mutual benefits for all three.

In addition to setting up new businesses to attract new traders to participate in trading, ZT has also made great efforts to activate the exchange’s stock of users.

ZT activates the platform’s stock of users through a variety of financial products, which are easy to operate and yield substantial returns, and is one of the best ways to promote the platform’s stock of users to increase the frequency of transactions.

Let’s start with the origin of exchange financial products. Since 2019, the red-hot DeFi lending products have shown the market that investors have a strong demand for sound financial management in addition to high-risk investment needs like coin speculation. According to relevant data, the stable coin USDC was once the main lending asset of Compound, and users borrowing stable coins is actually equivalent to putting cash in the balance to earn interest, which gave the exchange inspiration.

Exchanges such as Binance, OKEx,, BitMax, and ZT have launched their own “balance treasures” in 2019, especially ZT’s Staking, with an average expected annualization of up to 20%.

This is not enough, ZT has subsequently launched financial products such as Minings, Crypto Loans and Liquid Swap. These financial products can well improve the liquidity of users’ assets, and at the same time, they will also increase the value of assets and create certain income.

When people consider the financial products of exchanges, besides the product experience, they actually value the yield the most. ZT does not disappoint, and its annualized yield is generally good in the Liquid Swap business, especially the 7-day annualized yield of the ETH/USDT trading pair is as high as 1019.96%, and yesterday’s annualized yield reached 136.52%, comparing with the Liquid Swap yields of other exchanges ZT is indeed more to everyone’s liking.

Finally, I would like to tell you the good news that ZT is currently holding a series of activities for the fourth anniversary. The activities are rich and full of gifts, including 100g gold, iPhone13pro max128G Sierra Blue, camping sets, all kinds of candies, etc. The activities have just started and will last for one month. ZT hopes that the platform’s own users as well as players who love crypto will pay attention to the fourth anniversary celebration.

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