1.【Boost Growth】ZT Establishes $5 Million Fund to Boost Meta-Verse Projects.In Progress.

ZT officially launched the “Meta-verse Plan boosted by the first phase fund of $5 million”. Through the joint high-quality investment institutions to set up a special investment fund, GameFi professional game association recommendation, high-quality projects free currency channel, GameFi field BIG V promotion and GameFi project incubator and a series…


BTC previously said that the range is 58000–60000, which is a normal range of shocks. Although the current price has reached the weekly level of support, it is obviously weakened, so the early weak varieties may be weaker and weaker, the time window is 11.20, …


BTC to see below 4 hours today an important support level, a lot of people are looking for reasons, especially vallely hit plate’s panic, this is one of the things, for the day is BTC provids upgrades, good plan after landing and the United States passed 1.2 trillion 1.7…


ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users’ experience, and it’s invested by SoftBank , CabinVC, Candaq and Dealean.

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