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BTC is in good trend, but in a strong bull trend of concept under the condition of currency and the mainstream currency is not friendly, will cause the lack of liquidity, once hit plate of other currencies will fall more, hit a plate of prophase strong currency last night…


BTC is approaching 60000 at present, there will be some differences here, but in the short term, breaking 60000 is also a high probability event, here we need to pay attention to October 27-October 28 there may be a needle hit, if there is mainstream currency or concept currency…


After BTC fell back to the 4-hour level of cabinet support, the volume rose again. This increase did not cause any gold absorption. Both mainstream coins and conceptual coins have increased to a certain extent. The end point is focused on the 60,000 mark. If it breaks through 60,000…


Binance launched a billion dollar fund to promote the development of Binance smart chain. Then the mainstream currency ushered in rebound afterwards.

On a one-hour scale, the annual line that has been troubled for a long time made a positive breakthrough. If it’s just bounce, there should be probability…

The Big Board

It’s still a one-man feast for BTC. However, the main concept coins are not so good. For BTC, with the target remains unchanged based on 60,000,in the absence of acceleration before the formation of every hit bottom fall is a opportunity to buy. …

The full name of ALGO coin is Algorand. The public chain project was co-sponsored by MIT professor and Turing Award winner Silvio Micali. Most of the ALGO coin team are from MIT, and there are also Turing Award winners. Some heavyweight experts are considered top teams in the entire blockchain…



  1. USDT、SRM、RAY、CELO、FTM、SOL、NEAR、AVAX、DYDX are Launched. In progress.

【USDT、SRM、RAY、CELO、FTM、SOL Flexible Savings】The Savings Campaigns for USDT、SRM、RAY、CELO、FTM、SOL、NEAR、AVAX、DYDX are launched during 12:00 28th September — 16:00 30th September (UTC).

As the stable currency USDT continues to conquer cities on and off the chain, and the “Columbus-5 upgrade” clarifies the expectation of multi-chain assets brought by the September launch and the Wormhole cross-chain bridge, the Terra ecology has recently received extensive attention from the market again.

Just few months ago…



  1. 20,000U worth of FLOKI event rewards for heavy strikes
    ZT will start the FLOKI deposit/holding/trading contest at 20:00 on September 13th. The reward is worth a total of 20,000 U FLOKI. The event time ends at 19:59 on September 16th. Floki top-up gift, you can get FLOKI worth 8,000U, which will be shared by the top 500 users who top-up FLOKI during the event according to the recharge ratio; Floki holders will get 4,000U FLOKI value, and FLOKI’s daily holdings during the event will be greater than 300U users Divide according to the average daily holding ratio; FLOKI trading competition, during the event, you can participate in the trading volume qualifying competition when you trade FLOKI over 100U, and you can get a total of 8,000U worth of FLOKI.


ZT, a global crypto exchange platform which aims to provide the best users’ experience, and it’s invested by SoftBank , CabinVC, Candaq and Dealean.

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